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Stuck in your SEO efforts? Not sure why your rank is tanking? Bring us in as a fresh set of eyes and we'll develop a strategy and plan for you.


Have you taken a rank penalty by Google? We can fix it! We specialize in fixing what others have broke. We'll turn your bad links into good links.


Is your online reputation in the dumps? Is a bad item in your past impacting your income? Let us FIX your online reputation starting today! We have helped numerous clients clear unwanted information from the search results.


Listen, there are a lot of different kinds of methods and techniques that "just work" online. Negative SEO is simply one of those. Don't let the term scare you away, used correctly these methods and techniques are just as legitimate as any other. The methods we use are 100% legal.


Many SEO agencies want nothing to do with backlinks, PBNs, spun text, etc.. We work with a number of global SEO agencies, getting their customers quality backlinks when needed. We also employ our Tier Gapping System, that gives us a clear roadmap on what is needed from a backlink perspective.

About Skunk.Tech

Skunk.Tech was born out of a need to push beyond the limits of constraints of "normal" SEO. Results in the SEO world moved way too slow for us and we needed to know that what we did for our customers was going to work, factually, not just in theory!

We dedicated a considerable budget to nothing but research and development. We ran experiments, created case studies, poked and prodded the SEO industry as a whole. And in the process, became better SEOs than we had ever imagined.
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Speciality SEO

Let the "other guys" handle the day-to-day SEO of the world. We focus on the stuff that the agencies are afraid to focus on.
  • Reputation Recovery: We do this kind of work, LITERALLY better than anybody else, period. If there is ANYTHING bad about your OR your company online, we can help! We will push down the bad information and push UP the information you want people to see about you!
  • Gray Niches: Many SEO agencies won't even touch gray niches, we excel at them. Gray niches are also known as fringe niches, or just out of the norm. Niches like, Payday Loans, Digital Currency, Marijuana, Unregulated Supplements, etc. These are all 100% legal but many SEO agencies stay away just because they are far enough out of the norm to be "difficult". We love these niches and have multiple recipes built for them!
  • Rank Recovery: If you have a property penalized by the search engines, but Google, in particular, call us. We have helped numerous websites recover from bad link profiles, bad work from other SEOs, etc. We can even help you if your entire niche has received a penalty!
  • Negative SEO: Negative SEO has gotten a bad rap but it has its uses; rank recovery as an example. We have been using negative SEO and page displacement techniques and methods for years to help get our customers information to the top of the search engines! Don't let the term scare you, it's legit. legal and works!
  • Agency SEO: Something else that doesn't get talked about much is that a LOT of SEO Agencies don't actually do their own link building. Link building, article spinning, etc., etc., is often seen as a "no-no" in the agency world.  Link building and article spinning can both have a bit of a negative connotation in the "agency" world, so often they will hire that work out. We happen to be one of the top firms that several agencies farm that kind of work out to. Navigate to our Agency SEO page to find out more!
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