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The Home Of Guerilla SEO!


Is your online reputation in the dumps? Is a bad item in your past impacting your income? Let us FIX your online reputation starting today! We have helped numerous clients clear unwanted information from the search results.


Listen, there are a lot of different kinds of methods and techniques that “just work” online. Negative SEO is simply one of those. Don’t let the term scare you away, used correctly these methods and techniques are just as legitimate as any other. The methods we use are 100% legal.


98% of our client work comes from other SEO agency referrals. If you need work done, please contact your favorite SEO and ask them to contact us on your behalf.

About Skunk.Tech

Skunk.Tech was born out of a need to push beyond the limits of constraints of “normal” SEO. Results in the SEO world moved way too slow for us and we needed to know that what we did for our customers was going to work, factually, not just in theory!

We dedicated a considerable budget to nothing but research and development. We ran experiments, created case studies, poked and prodded the SEO industry as a whole. And in the process, became better SEOs than we had ever imagined.

Speciality SEO

Let the “other guys” handle the day-to-day SEO of the world. We focus on the stuff that the agencies are afraid to focus on.

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