What is Tier Gapping and Why Does It Matter?

Tier gapping is the process of mapping the existing back-link tiers of a specific website, and looking for “gaps” or backlink gaps in that tier structure.

Broken tiers lead to loss of authority throughout the tier structure, with equates with loss of authority for the “money site”.

Tier gapping basically gives us a “backlink roadmap” for the money site. Generally speaking, for any experienced SEO, looking at a gap report on a website speaks volumes. In fact, the more backlinks to a web site being Tier gapped, the more the results tell us about what is going on with the website, as relates to backlinks.

So Tier gapping is used for gathering information to “support” an existing website’s tier structure and is also often used for competitor analysts.  

We do sell Tier gapping reports only to other SEO firms.

We do this because quite honestly, it’s not easy to get this data, in this format. We are the only company that we are aware of, who’s been able to figure out how to pull this data.

Tier gapping reports sell for $250 per report, and we pull them 30x3x10. So that is the top 30 T1 links, based on DR (domain authority), then the top 10 links to all of those results, two more tiers down.

So if you would liek to order a report, or reports, simpley fill out the form on the right, we will start the process and send you a payment link as part of that process! If you’d like to see a sample report, just say so in the firld that is asking for a website address. And we’ll shoot you over an example of what you will get when you order.

And if you are interested in the technology used in our systems, you can read about that on our Technology Stack page.

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